Here we are!

Welcome to What a Curious Idea! I'm excited to have you here and hope that you enjoy yourself. My name is Gabriel, I am the creator of this project. I launched this website to publish blogs as well because sometimes I have thoughts that just need to get out. It also helps grow the Podcast when a website has content that the Google spiders can crawl through. I learned that while I wrote blogs for a company not too long ago. 

Here is a little bit of who I am, and where I came from. On June 10th, 2015 my life changed forever. I was arrested and spent several months in jail. It was my fault, I certainly committed the crime. What changed while I was there is God revealed Himself to me in a way that I understood. I gave my will and my life to His care and have enjoyed life since then. 

I earned respect again. I married my best friend. Then this project became a reality. Thank you for being here, it means more to me than I can express in words.