• Gabriel Pimentel

Adrienne and April, The Dallas 24 Hour Club (Research)

Each of the following statistics are current as of June 18, 2020, according to https://www.addictioncenter.com/addiction/addiction-statistics/

  • Only 10% of Addicted Americans receive treatment

  • Overdose deaths have tripled since 1990

  • Six Americans die every day from Alcohol Poisoning

  • 130 Americans die every day from an Opioid Overdose

  • There is a 300% increase in Opioid Sales since 1999

  • Roughly 10,000 Americans died from Methamphetamine Overdoses

According to a report found here, when comparing Jan-Apr 2019 to the same time frame in 2020, there has been an 11.4% increase in fatal overdoses and an 18.6% increase in non-fatal overdoses.

Want to give or take action and help?

Give to or become involved with these groups:

  1. The Dallas 24 Hour Club -- Where addicts and alcoholics find hope (DFW Area)

  2. Shatterproof -- An organization dedicated to reversing the Addiction Crisis

  3. To Write Love On Her Arms -- They encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

  4. Faces of Recovery -- A group dedicated their actions against addiction, including film.

  5. Gearing Up -- Dedicated to an innovative approach to helping women recover.

  6. Legal Action Center -- Providers of legal strategies to fight for recovering addicts w/criminal records.