• Gabriel Pimentel

Arthur Rizer | R Street Institute

Arthur and I had a great conversation around Police Culture, Pre-Trial Detention, and Unconstitutional Force used by this Country's Representatives. The following are links to the articles he references.

Arthur's Op-Eds w/excerpts

There is nothing conservative about what Trump is doing in Portland

There is nothing conservative about unconstitutional police activity, and there is nothing conservative about unilateral federal intervention in state affairs. Those are the acts of an authoritarian. -- Arthur Rizer & Paul Rosenzweig

What ‘Compassionate Conservativism’ Brings to the Police Reform Debate

There must be a new standard for the use of deadly force, requiring its use to be objectively reasonable—not just permitted simply because an officer perceives a danger to himself or others. -- Arthur Rizer

The “Radical” Notion of the Presumption of Innocence – A Better Way Forward

We impose this miscarriage of justice on defendants who have been accused of both violent crimes and non-violent petty offenses, because of a finding that someone is “dangerous.” -- Arthur Rizer & Tracey Meares