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Dallas County Covid & Defunding Police Recourses

These are general topics associated with Covid-19, and specifically Dallas County.

We spoke about funding for the smaller businesses that did not get into the Federal Level Funding and provided guidance to apply for the state-level funding instead.

The Commissioner's verbal proposal response to Defund the Police;

Three areas of focus, instead of defunding our Law Enforcement. In each of these areas, there would be a staged retreat in over-spending.

  1. Social Workers or professionals equipped to respond to cases and calls of non-fatal incidents -- The idea we talked about is to have crisis team with knowledge of mental disorders who are also able to identify whether or not the individual is suffering from an episode and is in need of medical attention. This would allow our Police Department to effectively, and safely respond to situations and de-escalate without unnecessary force. The staged retreat would allow our officers to eventually be able to scale back on their presence in these situations, our neighbors with mental health issues to be more comfortable.

  2. Drug and Alcohol Support -- Provide more resources for our suffering drug addicts and alcoholics so we can avoid overpopulation in our Jails, which costs our communities unnecessary tax burdens. This would also include a team that is equipped and able to redirect those suffering from addiction and alcoholism to facilities that provide safe detox, rather than sending them to jail. Eventually, our officers would be able to leave earlier to the same end of safety and effective responses.

  3. Youth Outreach -- "We need more than our officers playing basketball with our youth." What the Commissioner would like to see is our officers given the encouragement and empowerment to build trust with the communities again. All communities ought to have the utmost confidence in our Officers. With that goal in mind, the officers would have the opportunity to mentor young men and women that are in need of positive role models. This will help them see there is another way than joining street gangs in an effort to feel like they fit in. That leads to crime which is counterproductive. Instead, the communities can see a more helpful presence of police which helps our youth have real heroes they can talk to.

How can you take action & share your ideas for action

Commissioner Koch reads hundreds of emails sent to his office every day. Whether he agrees with your political views or not, if the idea you present is sound in reason and well thought out, it can be more impactful. Honestly, there is no reason to share your political beliefs, but rather share what you would like to see.

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