• Gabriel Pimentel

So, How Did This Happen?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

It kind of just happened. The thought came to me when I was listening to a podcast I really love, the JRE, and I wondered how hard it would be to start a podcast. Information was being gathered, which means what you think it means. Google searched, "how hard is it to make a podcast?" The first article that popped up said the idea is an important first step. So the brainstorming started. Then some more brainstorming. Before you knew it (three weeks later), I had an idea!

The idea was pretty simple; what can I learn from other people? That turned into; what if I talked to people that disagreed with me? The more the ideas came, the more excitement built up! It became something like a mission, what was the mission? Come up with something that people would look forward to listening to. Of course, it got to the point where checks were being written and Teslas were being purchased. My wife even picked a summer home off the coast of somewhere nice. Then reality struck and the ego was checked. Good thing, too, dreams can get out of hand.

The article that had shared its wisdom was difficult to find again. No, as this is being written, the thought to check browser history did not cross the mind. Sigh. So Google shared some more wisdom and this time it was about equipment. It occurred to me to find out what quality podcasters were using, so more searching and inquiring led to a very expensive discovery; it's expensive to do it right. From here a really good friend crossed the brainwaves so I called him. He and I had a chat and we talked about what works. He suggested the right software for editing, almost any microphone that would connect to an iPhone would be sufficient, and using that same iPhone could become a camera that makes it all a video podcast. He is such an encouraging fella. His name is J.P. and he has a YouTube channel, you should check that out! It is called "Mostly Media" and is really helpful!

Now that the ideas were figured out, all that needed to happen was a chat with the wife. She got the first touch of the idea while we were on vacation in Oregon. It was in between talks about moving there. She heard the idea out and shared her feedback. She said that the idea was cool and that I would probably enjoy it. That was super encouraging and led back to the big checks, Teslas and summer homes! Then she said to calm down, it is only a podcast. So calm is what I did.

Then Covid-19 happened and there was so much confusion. Were jobs secure? Was school still going to happen? There were way more questions than answers. The idea went dormant for a few weeks while everything was settling down. In the meantime, I found the right mic with the right stand and it was purchased. It started out as a video podcast (over zoom). There is even a YouTube channel and everything. Just a few videos, and really only one full episode, so it is not anything fancy. The focus zoned in on quality. Quality of sound and content. The right people were willing to share their experiences with me and it was taking off!

What I did not know how to do was get the information out into the world. What ended up happening, to the surprise of my wife at this point, was a website that happened across the CPU screen. This little spot is Anchor, a Spotify company, and their site made life so easy. To give you an idea of how easy it was just check this out. I had an episode ready to be out there in the world. It was suggested to start a website to post the episodes and eventually get on the big platforms, but here was Anchor. It would host for free and I thought, "why the heck not?" The episode was published and not even 15 minutes later, the podcast was reality! It was already posted to Spotify, too. That blew the brainwaves way out of whack.

So it was really real at that point, and here we are. At the time of writing, 11 episodes total. Good conversations had with a business owner and his brother, a tattoo artist that happens to own her business, a pastor, a practicing nurse with over 40 years of experience, and a real deep conversation about race. As of right now, more people are willing to do this with me. That means so much because this little idea came about in order to learn some stuff. The future looks pretty bright, maybe not Tesla bright, but hopeful. This website makes it even better to have something for you to land on. Enjoy yourself, the podcast, and hopefully these writings. Make sure to share with your friends. Be well.


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